Guest Information

Dear Guests,

Thank you for booking the Jičín Tower. I hope you will enjoy your stay and spend many wonderful moments there. Please read the following information about your accommodation.

The Jičín Tower is the oldest secular building in the city. It is a registered cultural monument and its walls contain the memory of the past five centuries. If you sit in it for a while, you might hear it tell a story. The Tower is also an art gallery that exhibits works by the leading Czech scrap art artist and Jičín native Petr Heber, a set of erotic drawings by the controversial French graphic artist Tomi Ungerer and other art objects related to the town and its history. Please be respectful of this exceptional building and the exhibits and furnishings during your stay. This is not a traditional hotel, but a personal hobby of mine.


You can park your car anywhere on the street. Maybe right across from the lower entrance gate. Jičín is a safe city.


To enter the Tower, use the lower stone staircase. Open the door by entering the four-digit entry code on the numeric keypad located on the wall to the left of the entrance. This will be sent to you no later than the day before your arrival. (If you do not receive it in time, please get in touch.) It will be valid from 16:00 on the day of your arrival until 12:00 on the day of your departure. Simply slam the door when you leave the Tower.


Coffee and tea are available free of charge. Coffee machines and fridges with cold drinks and beer can be found in the basement bar and in the first floor lounge. A microwave is located in the stairwell tube to the second floor.


The network name is "Vez-Jicin" and the login password is "Romantikapro2".  


The "Fornicating John" tavern is located in the cellar. It is named after a medieval legend that was supposed to have taken place in this very place. The key is on the table on the ground floor. After using it, please return it to its place. In the wine cellar you will find more than 100 bottles of fine wines and sparkling wines, quality spirits and delicious cigars. I offer them on a trust basis. Please send the final payment to account number 4396032073/0800 (IBAN: CZ11 0800 0000 0043 9603 2073 BIC: GIBACZPX).


  • Wines and champagnes: see prices on the shelves in the wine cabinet; other wines in fridges and racks for 350 CZK
  • Cognacs: 90 CZK / 0,4 cl
  • Beers, soft drinks, nuts and sticks: 40 CZK
  • Cigars: see prices listed in the humidor

Heating, air conditioning and fuses

The temperature in the rooms is controlled exclusively by thermostats on the walls. Please never turn off or adjust the controls on the radiators themselves. During the summer months, turn on the air conditioning in your bedroom. If the power goes out, check the circuit breakers downstairs under the stairs and the main switch located outside next to the entrance to the tavern.

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is located in the utility room under the stairs on the ground floor. You will find there basic equipment in case of minor injuries or sudden nausea.

Terms & Conditions

By booking accommodation or redeeming a voucher, you confirm that you have read and agree to the General Conditions.

Questions and wishes

If you have any questions or requests, please call me on +420 602265847 or email me at

I wish you a pleasant stay and an unforgettable experience.

Kind regards,

Marcel Babczynski