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From our history: ⚜ On August 1, 1631, the Jicin Chamber "orders the governor of the Skala and Semily estates to send one kiln of the Tatobit white lime to the local Office for plastering the Tower - as soon as possible." ⚜ On October 3, 1631, the Jicin Chamber sent a decree "to the Purkmister and the Office of the Jicin council to hasten the repair of the Tower by the next Wednesday, for His Grace (Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein), will arrive to Jitcin on Sunday." ⚜ On July 14, 1649, the governor of the manor orders that "the municipality immediately pick up (complete) the Tower, without excuses and delays!" ⚜ On the next day, July 15, the municipality replies, "that it acknowledges this need and obligation, but asks that it receives some amount from the manor’s pensions for it; when better times come, they will repay it."

Have the entire Renaissance tower built by Vilém Trčka of Lípa in 1543 all to yourself. Be transported back in time and fall asleep in the massive medieval canopy bed. Pamper yourself in the spacious freestanding bathtub with hot bath. Enjoy a selection of coffee and English tea in the comfortable leather armchairs. The private wine cellar, steeped in history, offers 150 bottles of fine wines, more than a dozen fine cognacs and small bites. See the exhibition of artworks and collectibles related to the history of the Tower and the town of Jičín. Come and forget about the outside world.

Lecherous John

In Wallenstein's time, the voluptuous daughter of the city's judge, Anděla, used to meet the handsome executioner's page Jan in the Jičín Tower after dark. One night, when the judge discovered that his daughter was quietly leaving the house, he went after her in secret. In the local cellar he caught the two lovers "engaged with each other heatedly". With a single blow of the judge's staff, the disgraced father knocked ...

A Tale of Five Centuries

The first written mention of the oldest preserved secular building in Jičín, in historical sources called simply "The Tower", is found in the charter of Mikuláš Trčka of Lípa issued on 6 July 1502. The Jičín Tower was built on the dam of the Kníže pond, above the flow of the Cidlina River, which fed it with water. In 1543 it was rebuilt by Vilém Trčka of Lípa and Veliš into its present renaissance form ...

Art in the Tower

In the Jičín Tower you will find an exhibition of artworks by the leading Czech "scrap-art" artist and winner of the Jičín City Prize 2017 Petr Heber and a set of erotic illustrations by the controversial French graphic artist and writer Tomi Ungerer. You will also see painted sharpshooting targets from the 19th century and a collection of period weapons.

Guest Opinions

Naprosto jedinečné ubytování! Na romantický pobyt jsem prozatím nenarazil na stylovější ubytování. Ve spojitosti s naprostým soukromím mohu jen doporučit.

Der Turm ist eine äußerst extravagante Unterkunft. Im "Prinzessinnenbett" lässt es sich süß träumen. Insgesamt eine außergewöhnliche Erfahrung.

Ideal place for romantic getaway. Beautifully restored historic building with great touches. Good selection of wines in the cellar.

Romantisch verblijf. Een uniek verblijf in een oude toren. Zeer stijlvol ingericht. Echte privacy!!!