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From our history: ⚜ On August 1, 1631, the Jicin Chamber "orders the governor of the Skala and Semily estates to send one kiln of the Tatobit white lime to the local Office for plastering the Tower - as soon as possible." ⚜ On October 3, 1631, the Jicin Chamber sent a decree "to the Purkmister and the Office of the Jicin council to hasten the repair of the Tower by the next Wednesday, for His Grace (Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein), will arrive to Jitcin on Sunday." ⚜ On July 14, 1649, the governor of the manor ordered that "the municipality immediately pick up (complete) the Tower, without excuses and delays!" ⚜ The next day, July 15, the municipality replies, "that it recognizes this need and obligation, but requests that it receives some amount from the manor’s pensions for it; when the better times come, they will pay it back."


Enjoy romantic accommodation in a renaissance tower built by Vilém Trčka from Lípa and in Veliš in 1543. Sleep in a restored medieval canopy bed. Dive into a spacious free-standing bathtub. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the comfortable leather chairs. Taste fine wines, cognacs, whiskeys, and cigars in a cellar related to a historical legend. Tower Jicin is also a gallery exhibiting artwork by the Czech artist Petr Heber and the controversial French graphic Tomi Ungerer.

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