In the first half of the 17th century, Andela, the voluptuous daughter of the city's mayor, was secretly meeting here with the burly hangman's assistant John. One evening, the mayor found that his daughter was secretly leaving the house and quietly followed her. At the local cellar, he caught the lovers 'employed with each other both standing and on a sort of chair'. The lovelorn father knocked John down with a single blow of his mayor staff and threw his unconscious body into the cellar well. The next day, he sent the licentious Andela to a monastery in Chotesov. After a time in which she underwent a thorough monastery re-education, she was reportedly married to a cloth merchant from Mlada Boleslav. But the spirit of the lecherous John reportedly still dwells in the well. With bubbling moaning, he floods the cellar with water in an attempt to wash away his guilt and come to eternal rest.

It is true that the sudden flooding of the basement from time to time still occurs. The last flooding occurred in 2012 and 2013 when the water level raised to 82 cm. Therefore, during the last reconstruction, the well was equipped with a powerful automatic pump and an outlet channel, which is to prevent further supernatural risings of the water level.